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Monday 17 June 2013

Silk Purse, Sow's Ear Vintage Jewellery

There's something very soothing about just gazing at Silk Purse, Sow's Ear's Etsy shop. It's full of glorious vintage jewellery, most of it inspired by the colours and patterns of nature - there are horses, rabbit and greyhounds all over the place, all in delicate muted colours, all a bit magical. It's basically the jewellery they wear in Narnia. If Susan had been wearing some of these earrings, she'd totally have been allowed to stay in Cair Paravel.

Even the prices won't jolt you out of your reverie, with most pieces coming in under £10. These bumble bee earrings are £9. And you're not just wearing pretty earrings, you're reminding people to save the poor old bees.

Look at this little scampering fox brooch! He's only 4cm long! He wants to hide on your lapel! He's a mere £5.

If all pigeons looked like this, maybe I wouldn't hate them so much. London pigeons have manky feathers and one leg. This fine pigeon brooch could happily perch on my jacket without me flapping wildly at him and screaming. He's £5 too.

 This Moroccan ring is made of a piece of glass with a geometric design etched on the surface. It looks like holidays. It's £10.

These golden triangular arrow earrings are made of brass that has mellowed with age to a gold colour. I, for one, also hope to turn gold as I get older. Who wouldn't? Pick up a pair for £9.

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