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Tuesday 25 June 2013

More Crafts Than Crufts: Make Your Own Dog

Woah there lady with a slightly crazed look in your eye. I don't want to disappoint but despite what the title of this post might suggest, it doesn't announce the long-awaited canine sequel to Crafting with Cat Hair. Nor does it contain the step-by-step instructions you'd need to construct your very own Fido from a holey old pair of tights - though I'm sure he'd be just delightful.

Instead it's about the work of designers who seem to get that love of our four-legged friends doesn't mean we lose all sense of what looks right or wrong. And they all involve some element of DIY (Dog-it-yourself?).

Starting with the simplest, this one is something of a puzzle: a puzzle sausage dog! Slot the teak pieces together to make its long, long body. Made by Skagerak, it says classy mid-century style collector rather than crazy canine lady. It's available for £49 from Panik Design

Requiring marginally more skill, is this felting kit designed by Domenica More Gordon. It contains everything you need to create your own grey dog like the one pictured - he stands at over 10cm high and will cost you £31.50. Take her look at her shop for equivalent white dog and sausage dog kits. 

When the instructions start talking about a steady hand, patience AND a craft knife, you know you're getting into advanced carefulness mode. You'll need all three, and glue, if you want to piece together Gerald. Designed by Liam Hopkins, Gerald measures over 20cm along and across and comes in several different coloured coats. Theo is selling the plain version for £12.95, while the patterned pooch pictured will cost you £4 more. Those paws look pretty fiddly. 

I never knew I wanted a life size Scottie dog made of moss until I saw this life size Moss Scottie. Now I can't think of anything else. The most ridiculously wonderful thing, he comes ready mossed so all you have to do is place him outside, with occasional feeding and watering (I find keeping plants alive is a huge challenge, so this is up there in my personal DIY stakes). With a bit of TLC, he'll be yours for life. He's priced for life too: Abigail Ahern is selling him for £118. Or, to 'economise', you can get your own Moss Schnauzer for £113. Now, go fetch. 

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