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Thursday 6 June 2013

Sites We Love: The Beeroness

The Beeroness is my new spirit animal. Her food photography is so beautiful, I've made three different shopping lists for my tea tonight. Starting with ingredients for this beer pizza dough. Damn, that's a sexy-looking pizza. Yep, as the blog name might suggest, The Beeroness puts beer in all of her recipes. She and I are going to get on famously.

Beer and buttermilk fried chicken! I WANT TO EAT ALL OF HER FOOD.

She even puts beer in her breakfast. It's not a bit of a blog gimmick, Jackie just really enjoys the different flavours of craft beer and wants to explore that in her cooking.

Yes, I do want chocolate and stout cookies. Thanks very much. If you're not a fan of stout, you can do a beer search so you'll find the beer that you love.

Pasta made with beer? Stop it, Beeroness. Just stop it.

These salted chocolate and stout truffles are next on my making list. The site is US-based, but don't let that put you off trying the recipes - we've got a cooking conversion chart to help put those cups into grams. Besides, you're really, really going to want to make chocolate bacon beer muffins.


Thanks to Mal for the brilliant tip off.


  1. I love her site too! I made the Stove top mac & cheese recipe a few weeks ago. I adjusted the recipe for my gluten-free friend. Still tasted amazing. :)

    1. recipe link here:


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