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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Be the face of Habitat! (And snoop around Domestic Sluttery HQ!)

Just before Christmas, the Domestic Sluts scrabbled around their houses, tidying away all of their magazines and messiness, and invited Habitat over for tea and cakes. To promote their very exciting Face of Habitat campaign, they popped over to take some lovely photos of our homes for you all to see!

Kicking off the photos is my bedroom/office. Yep, that's Domestic Sluttery HQ where I spend my day eating cupcakes and scouring the world for pretty things to show you.

Want to make your room look like Domestic Sluttery HQ? Here's details of some of the stuff that Habitat styled my room with (sorry, the My Little Pony was there before they arrived):

This cushion is only £25.

There's loads of simple white vases in Habitat. They're especially perfect with bright yellow flowers. I've got a thing about yellow tulips at the moment. This vase is £9.

I love these liquer glasses. Better still they're in the sale and now they're only £17.60 for four. There's a matching jug too.

Much fun to be had (and Habitat very kindly let me keep all of the pretty things too!) and now it's your turn. Habitat kicked off their This is My Habitat campaign late last year with that pretty Helena Christensen getting in on the action. And now they're after your photos as well! To enter, you just need to upload a photo of you in your home, with your favourite thing from Habitat. Simple. People can vote for you in the gallery and if you win, you'll be whisked away to London to style your very own photoshoot. Fab. Let us know if you've entered the competition, we'd love to see your pics!

And you'll get to peek into Gail's house later this week. It's all very Through The Keyhole, isn't it?


  1. What a beautiful dreamy kind of a room, and you look very glam too! I love the wall decals and the lovely mis-matched photo frames.

    More importantly though, I *love* the pacman laptop. Are they stickers? Want!

  2. Yum! your HQ is slinky like you are

  3. Oh, it (and you!) looks fantastic! I covet your room - it looks like such a lovely place to work in :)

  4. I want a cage to hang my jewels on. What a lovely room.
    and I love the word slinky!!! :)

  5. Looking gorgeous (both you and your room). Loving your duvet cover and v. jealous of you - I've been admiring the new habitat ads and wishing my home was glam enough to appear.

  6. ooh I love your room, especially the birdies wall decal and your bed cover. And I'm off to look for laptop stickers now!

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone! Had so much fun with the Habitat guys! And for those of you looking for Pacman stickers...

    Hope you all enter the competition!

  8. love the leaf photo ;-)
    oh, also that blue wall with the birds and lines on it is really GREAT!

  9. Room looks lovely. But the scarf on the guitar?! It wouldnt work! xxxx

  10. I don't play my guitar very much... it has jewellery hanging off it as well ;-)

  11. Don't think I didn't notice that your my little pony has the same haircut as you have :)


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