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Wednesday 1 September 2010

Dream dress: Effy Dress by Mina

Perhaps it's because I've been watching the Mad Men re-runs when I'm at my most emotionally vulnerable (late on a Sunday evening, after the conclusion of Match of the Day), but recently I've been wanting to dress a bit more like a lady. So, it's hardly surprising that when (first thing on a Monday morning) a picture of this Effy dress from Mina popped into my in-box, I was swooning.

A breezy length on a cute flared skirt, what really makes the dress is that vintage-looking lace trim. V-shaped at the front, it should be flattering on a larger bosom (Christina Hendricks take note), it's all pretty and delicate at the back.

Though I'm completely sold on this grey version, it's also available in black. Priced at £65, do you think they'll give me a lesson in doing my hair like the models if I ask really nicely?


  1. Oh! Oh! It's GORGEOUS! And cheap! Oh I want it very very badly.

  2. How depressing they don't do anything above a size 12. That's just mean.

  3. Oh rubbish, just seen that about their sizing. That's not very Mad Men, is it?


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