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Wednesday 1 September 2010

Fashion: Moody and Farrell's Hello Sailor Reflective Collar

As a ladycyclist, it's a constant struggle to cheat death on the mean streets of London, let alone arrive at my destination relatively sweat-free. My best friend thoughtfully sent me a LOLsome Spiderman helmet; it makes me look as though I'm wearing a child's duvet cover on my head and therefore I've worn it four times. But then, this is a man who wears an oversize neon tabard and trouser clips whenever he leaves the house. Safety's an essential but, for me, so is style.

My bike's pretty cute so I went back to Bobbin Bicycles (where it came from) and found this great-but-a-bit-insane reflective collar:

Let's just say that passing trucks, lorries and other vehicles of doom won't be able to ignore you as you sail past in this bright red sailor collar. It's a mighty £72 but, hey, it means you'll look good AND you won't die. Probably*.

*Non-death not guaranteed.

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  1. I love Bobbin. I got a helmet from there on Saturday before falling off my bike and skinning my knee. The helmet was in it's box in my bike basket at the time. Lucky that I didn't hit my head...!


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