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Thursday 2 September 2010

Gorgeous Gardens: Animal Watering Cans

How does your garden grow? Water it with an elephant's trunk, and apparently you'll be set for horticultural success. And then there's the added bonus that you get to pretend to be a giant in a miniature jungle, with these animal watering cans by Hidden Eden. This small silver elephant will set you back £13.50, from Amazon.
This galvanised steel robin watering can is handmade, and holds half a litre in his little stomach. He might seem a tad prematurely festive, but imagine how adorable he'll look left out in the snow (especially when compared to the sad sight of my current plastic watering can, rotting to a sad death in a puddle of rainwater as I type). He's £14.85, again from Amazon.

Last but not least, this chubby piglet watering can is a cute budget alternative to those adorable micro-pigs that were all over the news a while back. It's £15.38, also from Amazon. Just don't go overboard and buy them all, as I reckon a metal menagerie might look a bit mad.


  1. My sister gave me the elephant can last Christmas. He sits on the kitchen window sill & I don't use him for fear of him rusting. He has no name.

  2. Oh, that's sounds like a sad story. I bet he makes a pretty ornament though!

  3. I love the piggely wiggely one! I think that a bit of rust would give it character! You could even call him Rusty! Or is that a bit lame?


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