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Tuesday 1 February 2011

Betsy Benn Personalised Prints

The scooter cat cafe in Waterloo. The secret wine bar in Tallinn. The art hotel in Sicily. Cafe Marly at the Louvre in Paris. The jazz bar in Greenwich. The big comfy chair in my bedroom.

All of those places make me smile. All of those places would look lovely in one of Betsy Benn's personalised bus blind prints. You can choose whatever destinations you fancy. So if you've got a soft spot for the Starbucks at the end of your road, so be it. If you like that dive of a pub because it's where you danced that night away with your best mate, throw that on there too. You can choose 14 destinations, and the print will cost you £50. I'm not often a fan of personalised homewares, but this one really does it for me.

They've stopped guaranteeing the prints will arrive by Valentine's Day, but this is such a great print (and such good value for something so personal), you should get one anyway.

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