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Wednesday 2 February 2011

Flouncy Florals

Take a look outside. Go on. It's 4pm and it's not even kind of dark. It's February and it's positively light outside. Which means that these things are inevitable:

1. Ice cream vans will start appearing soon. All jingly and Greensleeves-y.
2. I'll eat the ice creams even though it's still freezing outside.
3. The shops are going to be full of florals.
4. I'm totally going to embrace this and you can't stop me.

Florals and spring go hand in hand. Surprising? Not in the slightest. But definitely pretty. Today I'm feeling all lady-like and this pretty blouse is only making things worse. It's cropped, which makes it that little more unusual (if slightly impractical for a month or so). It's £32 from Miss Selfridge, and there's a petite version in the same print too. There's just enough flounce to it, and I'm going to flounce about wearing it, shaking my sleeves at things. And then I'll ruin it all by throwing ice cream down it. I can't wait.


  1. 1. Ice cream vans will start appearing soon. All jingly and Greensleeves-y.

    Oh Siany, you should move to Bootle. We have ice cream vans ALL YEAR ROUND here.

  2. Seconds away from booking my train.

  3. Someone predictably I think that top is lovely. It reminds me a bit of that Marks and Spencer floral cushion from last week though - how to blend into your own sofa!

  4. Yep, we heard our ice-cream van at about 8:30pm on a wet late-December evening.

    This would be delightfully quirky, were he to possess more than the 'Match of the Day' theme tune... it turns even the calmest person psychotic eventually!

    Pretty tops. I like a lot.x

  5. I like my florals a little smaller and ditsier but this is nice and Springy. Florals ftw!

    We have ice-cream vans year round oop North. It's like a dietry staple isn't it?


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