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Tuesday 1 March 2011

Springtime at Cox & Cox

Hurray! New Spring goodies at Cox & Cox. Let's make a little wishlist.

These foot-shaped cookie cutters come with a little recipe for cheese biscuits so you can make cheesy feet. Fab idea and only £5.50.

Lace tape on brown paper is the prettiest way to wrap presents. This tape is £5.50 and available for pre-order now.

I know some of you wouldn't let kids play with this doodle table cloth (once they get started doodling on the furniture, they may never stop), but that doesn't mean I can't play. It's £55. Comes with doodle pens too.

Can I have everything, please?


  1. Love the lace tape!! How very clever - and pretty!

  2. I want to make cheesy feet now! (It is close to lunchtime.) Stock isn't due until the end of March, I think I will pre-order.

  3. Love the tape (may have to add it to my collection of MT tapes!!) The table cloth is great fun too, although super expensive? Found it direct from the maker (stitch design works, they're on Notonthehighstreet where they sell their bed linen) and it's £35 or £40? Cox and Cox do some lovely things though :)

  4. I want the table cloth! You can use it over and over! May have to check out the cheaper versions ;) xxx

  5. I feel all ahead of the game - I own both a foot cutter (from Blists Hill - the Victorian Village place near Ironbridge) and the lacey tape (from Papermash who you've linked to before. Who knew I was so down with the sluts?!! Hehe. Papermash do wider lace tape too. Prettyness :)

  6. Aaaaah Blists Hill. Many a childhood School Trip was spent there! Do they still have the little old school sweet shop?

    Do you live in Shropshire, Helen? Or were you just visiting? I've got an urge to revisit my childhood and take a trip to Acton Scott Working Farm as well...


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