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Friday 4 March 2011

Time for Tea: Pukka Herb Tea

I am a big tea drinker. I would go as far as to say I love tea. In fact if you cut my veins I would probably bleed tea. I am not, however, a massive fan of herb tea. The worst cup of tea I have ever had was a cup of chamomile tea. It smelt and tasted like fields.

So when I received a package of Pukka Tea to try it was with slight trepidation that I headed to the kitchen to put the kettle on to brew up.

First up was the Three Fennel Tea, a blend of sweet fennel, wild fennel and fennel leaf. As with all the Pukka herb tea blends it is caffeine-free and uses 100% organically grown and ethically sourced ingredients. Taste wise it was just like drinking liquid aniseed balls which is rather fabulous if, like me, you love aniseed balls. It costs £2.19 for a pack of 20 sachets.

Next up was the Detox Tea, a blend of aniseed, fennel and cardamom designed to cleanse and revive, which is apparently a big favourite of model Erin O'Connor. After the wonderfully aniseedy experience of the Three Fennel tea I was expecting to like this a lot but I found the cardamom overwhelmed the aniseed and fennel and this particular blend just didn't work for me. It costs £2.09 for a pack of 20 sachets.

Finally came the Three Tulsi Tea, which is a blend of green tulsi, purple tulsi and lemon tulsi. But what the blazes is tulsi I hear you cry. Well, tulsi is a herb jam packed with anti-oxidants that is also known as 'Holy Basil' or 'The Sacred Herb', due to its apparent ability to uplift the spirits. This was the one that smelt most like that ill-fated chamomile tea but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by it's refreshing citrus kick. It costs £2.19 for a pack of 20 sachets.

Overall I must admit I was very impressed. The Pukka teas were full of flavour and have definitely made me reassess my previous opinion of herb tea. Whilst it is unlikely that it will ever replace my regular cuppa I will definitely be making some room in my cupboard for the Three Fennel tea and can already hear the Three Ginger tea calling my name.


  1. It's like we're entuned to the same universal vibe man.... I'm slupring away on my Pukka "Cleanse" tea which I recently discovered and cannot stop drinking. On the third box in 2 weeks and I have to say that I think it's working - I've had quite a few compliments on my skin in the last couple of days. Excellent that you're championing it too!

  2. I've been drinking green tea (usually green tea with lemon) since I had to stop mainlining 'normal' tea in my early twenties when my body stopped liking milk. I recently discovered Pukka's Night time tea which is perfect for bedtime, but can't get on with their Morning time tea. However, Twining's Morning Detox tea is a wonderful Citrussy start to the day.

    @Redmagda - I may have to try the Cleanse :)

  3. I really like thier three mint tea, it is helping me and my poorly stomach a lot this week. Seriously recommended.

  4. Pukka's Love tea is lovely, it's got rose in...

  5. and most importantly, the boxes are PRETTY!

    Am making a mental note to try 3 fennel and Cleanse.

  6. I love pukka cleanse ! It tastes great for something thay has so many beneficial properties. Ive been drinking it along with green tea and lemon


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