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Monday 7 March 2011


Oh just look at these little owls! Now just owls. Twitwooshkas. Which is clearly the best name ever for something so darn cute. Twitwooshkas! Go on, say it out loud. Isn't it the most fun thing to say? Yes. These little nesting birds (hehe! birds have nests!) are so much more fun than normal Matrioshka dolls.

These ones are made from papier mache and they're all handpainted by artists in Kashmir, Northern India so they'll all look unique. You can buy the set of five from Niki Jones for £100. My favourite find of the year.


  1. Aren't they? I want them. Never thought I'd consider spending £100 on papier mache.

  2. Oh I love these so much, I have to blog them straight away -

    B xxx


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