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Friday 2 December 2011

All hail the greasy spoon!

Every Saturday we follow a set little routine. We're always up and dressed early, drop one of our daughters at her dancing lesson then head to the little centre of the small town we love in. Our other daughter heads off to the library, I buy some flowers for the office and then we all convene in the greasy spoon.

Even though there are many-a purveyor of rich Italian coffees, crumbling pastries and smoother-than-smooth waiters these days (even out in the veritable sticks!); we can't get enough of the simple pleasures that come from the steamy, bustling interior of a classic greasy spoon.

We love it that the proprietor knows our name, knows our order and genuinely cares that we come in every week. There's no turnstile service here; we feel perfectly welcome.

But, no matter the quality of the welcome, the food has got to hit the mark or you'd soon be tempted elsewhere.

We love simple food. Freshly cooked, lovingly prepared and without a hint of pretentiousness. And, what a simple pleasure it is to dine on eggs, bacon and hand-made hash browns with fine, filtered coffee and good company and all for under a tenner.

What's your favourite thing about the greasy spoon?


  1. Cheese omelette and chips for breakfast!

  2. I LOVE the Kardomah in Swansea.

    Best toasted sandwiches ever, and until very recently served a (unintenionally hilaroious) 'Slimmers' Burger' - it still came with chips etc, but was topped with cottage cheese, y'know, to keep those dieters happy.

    Some of the staff have been there for over 20 years, as I remember the faces from my childhood. It's a proper institution, and even has it's orginal formica tables (well, original 1950s from its 2nd incarnation after the Swansea Blitz)

  3. Filter coffee? Your greasy spoon seems a bit upmarket!

  4. They are those little plastic filter things that you pop on top of the cup ... it's called "Posh Coffee" and costs 20p more than the usual coffee. Adorable!

  5. I like the plastic seats and tables, especially if they are formica.


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