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Tuesday 6 December 2011


I don't think I ever get bored of good things that come in the post. Whether it's Not Another Bill, Curiosity Boxes or just The White Company catalogue, I'm very happy when the nice post lady hands me pretty things in the morning. And now I want jam in the post.

Jamsmith is such a simple idea. You sign up (or sign up a very lucky friend) and each month you get some jam. Or some marmalade. Or some fruit butter (what the hell is fruit butter? It sounds brilliant.) It's £10 for one month and £27 for three and you won't know what flavour you're getting until it arrives. Surprise fruit on your toast! (Previous flavours include 'sloe berry, crab apple and bramble' and 'supper pudding with elderflower' - sound good, don't they?) No flavour is repeated, you can defer a month if you're swanning off to St Lucia or Scunthorpe for a bit, and well... jam is bloody brilliant.

Usually your jam will arrive in the first week of the month, but if you order before the 15th, you'll get jam in time for Christmas and sticky, tasty present giving.

Thanks to Katie from the London Plinth for tipping us off about this. We like her blog, go have a read.

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