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Tuesday 13 December 2011

Snow Queen Bling

I probably shouldn't take my style tips from evil queens in books and fairy tales, but they all look frickin' brilliant. Look at The White Witch looking all foxy and frosty (sorry Tilda Swinton, I'm an 80s child and the BBC version trumps film version, always). I'm totally chanelling her in my wintery jewellery choices. If it's not dangly and silvery then I'm not really interested.

Every snow queen needs some blingy earrings. I'm certain that all evil queens get their jewels from Butler & Wilson. These drop earrings at £48 from Accessories Online.

Lace, jewels, danglyness. This is from Accessorize and it's just £20 so perfect for snow queens on a bit of a budget because they bought too much Turkish Delight to lure small children with.

I love this jingly bracelet. It's from Mali Lacia at Bouf and it's been handmade with pretty crystals. It's £70. It probably has magical powers and will hypnotise those you give it to into doing your dark deeds.

I LOVE this double ring from Miss Selfridge. It's only £12 and it'll look excellent when you're giving enemies the finger pointing threateningly at your enemies in the distance.

Now I just need some minions and a horse and carriage. And some Turkish Delight. And some snow.


  1. Well I've eaten all the Turkish Delight but would still love the earings, I just need a ball to go too.
    Segwaying (sp?) neatly between two fairy tales there!! x

  2. I don't actually like Turkish Delight...


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