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Thursday 1 December 2011

Dress like Piff the Magic Dragon

When my awesome friend Peter came over from France for a visit last year, I wanted to do something awesome with him. So we went to a squat party hosted by the Oubliette Collective in the old Limelight Club building on Shaftesbury Avenue where we saw an absolutely brilliant comedy cabaret compered by musical geek comedienne extraordinaire, Helen Arney.*

My favourite act in it was a sarcastic magician in a dragon suit, called Piff the Magic Dragon. ("You may know my older brother. Steve.") His act is utterly brilliant, and I've since seen him again at the Magic Circle, with his pet chihuahua Mr Piffles. Mr Piffles also wears a dragon suit and levitates. I know! My dog has zero skills in the levitation department, and also refuses to wear anything. Rubbish.

Piff the Magic Dragon t-shirt, £15.99

Anywho, Piff has just released this excellent t-shirt which not only fulfils my dream of having my very own Mr Piffles, but also lets me dress up as a dragon without causing any problems getting into the office. I absolutely love it. It's available in S-XL.

Here is Piff on Penn and Teller, doing one of his funniest tricks. Mr Piffles is in it too, obviously. Enjoy!

* Too late, I realise how appalling that entire sentence makes me sound as a person.


  1. Piff is HOT.

    (I think Mr. Piffles is a Pomeranian, fact fans. But I'm distracted by the fact I fancy a dragon.)

  2. Is it me or does Piff look a bit like olly Murs?


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