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Monday 19 December 2011

Ginterview: Pip McCormac

The Ginterview is exactly what it sounds like. We interview people we think are awesome while drinking gin. First up is Pip McCormac, lifestyle editor for Sunday Times Style (that photo is of him standing outside a bakery for dogs). We went to The Hide Bar on London's Bermondsey Street (looks rather dull, but it's hiding fabulous cocktail secrets). Angel face martini for Siany, kiwi caipiriniha for Pip.

How did you get your job? We're a bit jelz.

I did some work experience at Grazia, and that kicked it all off really (funnily enough the history degree didn't help much). I was writing all sorts about interiors and food and travel. I've always been obsessed with interiors. I've been a Heal's fan since forever.

What's your interior style?

Probably mid-century, but mixed with a whole load of other bits. I bloody love stuff. Random lamps shaped like dogs, all of it.

What's your favourite thing in your home?

My Sky + box. Seriously. I LOVE shouty telly. Especially ANTM. Modelland is my next book group book.

Which piece of design will you never own because it's so damn ugly?

I can't be having any shabby chic. I don't like chintz. All of those mismatched colours...

What's you signature dish? Which ingredients need to be banished?

I make an excellent white bean stew. I really love comfort food. But I can't stand chorizo. Or baked beans. Spaghetti hoops are nice, though.

Things you love about Christmas?

I fucking love everything about Christmas. Especially Starbucks Red Cups. The Eggnog ones. I'd listen to All I want for Christmas every day of the year. Such a good song. Not Slade though. Slade can fuck off.

Best Christmas film?


Give us a holiday tip, it's cold and we fancy going somewhere nice.

I adore Costa Rica. It's got rainforests, volcanoes, mountains and beaches - what's not to love? I also love Soho House Berlin. Such an amazing hotel. (Not like the one in this photo - this is me being annoyed that even nice American hotels tack themselves up for Halloween).

Excellent. Let's get more drinks! How much of a Domestic Slut are you?

Yes, more drinks. I'm a massive Domestic Slut. I'm happiest in my cashmere slippers, snuggling under my living room duvet (yes, a duvet just for the living room). And I fucking love a good cupcake. Sorry, I get sweary when I'm pissed.

Quite tipsy now. Let's do some quickfire questions!

Oooh, fun. *drinks*

Cat or dog?

Dogs. I'm scared of cats. I especially like the three-legged dogs that no one else wants.

Favourite ice cream flavour?

Pistachio. From that place in Soho. What's that fucking shop called? The one that isn't Gelupo? That one. (We think he means Scoop, we're still not totally certain.)

Worst style mistake?

Double belting. One through the belt, one over the belt. I thought I was well ahead of the curve. I was wrong.

Dinner party guests?

Tyra, obviously. Elisha Dushku. Erm.... oooh Jilly Cooper. And Davinia Taylor. She's trashy but I fucking love her. And Josie Long. That's all women isn't it? Oh, I don't give a shit, it's my party.

Erm... what about us?

Oh, you guys can come! You can be in the kitchen doing all the cooking.

Want more of Pip's fabulousness? You can buy his e-book Mistakes and Ladders and read about his experiences as a gay dating columnist. There's probably a few more swears in it. It's £3.99, which is frankly a bargain. Consider the cost per swear.


  1. So funny, I think I'm a little bit in love with him. Sweary drinking is fun. x

  2. I'm sorry, 'living room duvet'?

    Almost as genius as Lounge Pants. I want one.

  3. oh he's a jolly chap! I like his genuine anger at bad taste. And his swearyness. And I love random lamps too. :)

  4. Pip is brilliant. I've only ever encountered him in a professional sense but I like this sweary side. 'I love stuff' is the best way to describe a style.

  5. He still manages to stay classy, even with all of his swears.

  6. Living. Room. Duvet. Why didn't we think of this? Amazing.

    I think this is one of my favourite pieces we've ever had on the site!

  7. This is AWESOME. Now I want to go to Costa Rica. :)
    Also: KUDOS on the Spiceworld mention. It's my biggest guilty pleasure. I love all of it.


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