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Monday 12 December 2011

All I want for Christmas

I would happily listen to this song over and over and over again until the New Year. (Who am I kidding? I work from home, that's exactly what I'm doing). I wasn't feeling particularly festive until I had some mulled wine this weekend. Now I want to cover myself in tinsel and eat seventy million mince pies. And now I also get to choose my PRESENTS. Brilliant. Hey Santa! Here's what I would like for Christmas.

Lace, pleating, teal. It's BLOOMIN' GORGEOUS. Wrap it up, put a bow on it and make me the happiest girl on Christmas day. It's £65 from Warehouse and I've (probably) been good enough to deserve it.

I don't know where my cocktail shaker has gone, but gone it has. I'd like a new one please. Smitten as I am with this Paul Smith one (seriously, I'm convinced it could make even sambuca taste nice), I haven't been good enough for anyone to spend two-hundred quid on a cocktail shaker. This one is super sexy and it's £40 from John Lewis.

Dip cherries in chocolate and booze and I am one happy girl. Get off, they're mine. They're £8.50 from Hotel Chocolat and I'm going to need more than one tub.

I know someone is going to buy me nice sniffy things. It's Christmas, you have to get nice sniffy things. I'm crossing my fingers for something from Green & Spring rather than anything with lily of the valley in it. I'm head over heels about that packaging and anything from the range would make me super happy.

Oh, and gin. I'd quite like some fancy gin. And a rubbish selection box.


  1. Is it me, or has Warehouse suddenly become awesome? I've always overlooked them until now.

  2. THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT *quietly removes dress from online shopping basket*

  3. You're right, though. Loads better this season than last. I also like this dress:

  4. Lovely. My current fave is this one, which Elizabeth rocks:

    (I'll stop now.)

  5. I am going to be wearing my Warehouse dress for every single Christmas dinner/party/event over the next few weeks. Might even whip it out for my birthday.

  6. I just made my own rum cherries and they're so easy! Soak glace cherries a kilner jar (or old coffee jar) in whatever spirit you like for about a week (or more if you forget). Strain off the (now even tastier) booze for later consumption then toss the cherries in melted dark chocolate and plop onto baking paper to set. I'm now experimenting with port soaked rasins and considering malibu cranberries...


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