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Wednesday 7 December 2011

Shop in the Shoplight: Bookish

"We're bookish. We love books and all things book-related. We love paper and pens. We love reading and writing. We love writing about reading and reading about writing. We love proofreading editing. We like typewriters, ampersands, limited editions, mugs of tea, chewing pencils, cool photography, wandering around random museums, and practising our signatures over and over and over again."

If someone described themselves to you like this, wouldn't you want to be their friend? Or, if not quite their friend, not quite yet, you could probably let them persuade you to spend some money. These are the first seven sentences of the 'about us' section at Bookish. I read them and knew I going to like their store, and guess what? I was right.

If you've already raided the shelves at long term Domestic Sluttery favourite Literary Gift Company, but want more book-related goodness, than this is the shop for you. It stocks old favourites, such as Out of Print clothing, a section devoted to signed and first editions books and more typewriters than you could write with. I like their print selection which includes some redesigns of classic covers, such as this version of Moby Dick. It sells for £34.

They've got their own range of reading and writing inspired jewellery too. I love the slightly gothic edge to the Ink bottle brooch set. This is £22.

Here's one alternative to reading a Mills and Boon: make it into confetti. Or buy it ready-made as confetti for £5.

This bookish bouquet is one of the pricier gifts on the site, selling for £75, and is either one of the prettiest things I've seen, or complete sacrilege: my book loving brain can't make up its mind. Still twelve vintage book paper flowers are an imaginative alternative to a dozen red roses, and they should last the lucky recipient forever. Just remember not to water them.


  1. I DO want to be their friends. Yes I do.

  2. We love new friends!! Thanks for the lovely write up. By the way, we never cut up novels in good condition, we just find ways to re-use broken old books that would otherwise have been going to the book graveyard in the sky. xx

  3. This is all beautiful. If any of my friends are reading: I'd like all of it for Christmas. Ta.


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