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Thursday 1 December 2011

Shake it up: snazzy snow globes

This time last year, I was sat at home unable to get into work as the trains were all held up by the snow. This year, I'm still getting a bit too warm when I wear my winter coat, and can't even remember where I've put my gloves. Though freezing and a tad inconvenient, there's nothing like a bit of snow to put you in a Christmassy state of mind. With none of the white stuff forecast for the near future, I'm offering you up some alternatives ... let it snow (globe), let it snow (globe), let it snow (globe)!

Rosie Wonders does a nice line in snow globe inspired goodness, including these hand-made cards. They're £3.50 each.

The globe is your surely your oyster if you're after a tacky gift. For a classier (but still shakeable) option, there's this white rabbit available from Lapin and Me for £10.

Another illustrator with their own take on snow globes is Charlotte Farmer. I love the collection she's amassed on her Shake It tea towel, £9.29 from New House Textiles. Anything that manages to combine Elvis, Paris and penguins AND snow is guaranteed to win my heart, if not the honour of drying up my dishes.

I'm not recommending this giant snow globe (not pictured at actual size: it's 22.5cm high) as a purchase, rather just to show you such things exist. Designed by Maison Martin Margiela and available from Selfridges, if ever there was a sign that snow globes were having a fashion moment, surely this is it. What's in it? A whole load of nothing. And what does it cost? A whole load for nothing - £120. Yep, 'snow joke, you read that right. You'd probably be better placed to save your money for your heating bill for when the weather gets itself in gear and does the snowy bit for us.

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  1. Nothing? NOTHING?! There's a lot of things in Selfridges that I'd like to spend £120 on, NOTHING ain't on of them.


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