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Wednesday 14 December 2011

Wrapping Paper Wednesday

Wrapping up my presents is one of my favourite bits about getting ready for Christmas. Relatively cheap, and always cheerful, how can you resist the lure of a good paper? I certainly can't and usually end up spending more on my paper, cards and trimmings than the actual present. Oops. So here's my guide to the prettiest papers around this Christmas time.

The retro loving friend in your life will surely love this vintage baubles design from Ella Doran (and your gran probably has a few of these actual baubles on her tree). This is £5 for three sheets.

Here's one way to make sure the foodie in your family doesn't forget the Brussel Sprouts this Christmas: wrap their gift in this fabulous Brussel sprout paper. Well sprouts only get their turn in the spotlight once a year so let them make the most of it. This is £7.95 for 5 sheets from Nancy and Betty.

Present and Correct always stocks sexy stationery, so it's no surprise that their paper is a little bit special too. Take your pick from their vintage wrap collection, of which these jolly snowmen are a fine example. Prices range from £4 to £7 a sheet.

Marks and Spencer seem to have the best wrapping paper on the high street this year. I especially love the Nordic knitwear vibe of this Scandinavian print paper, £3 for a 4 metre roll. Perfect for wrapping up a Christmas jumper from Marks and Spencer.

If you like the idea behind Wrap Magazine which we featured last week but don't want to take your magazine apart, the same people also make this Icey Forest wrap pack. For £4.95, you get a sheet of gift wrap with this charming illustration by Patrick Hruby (it almost looks like he's wearing the M&S paper, doesn't it?), a matching card and stickers. One for your favourite design snob. The wrap pack comes from the Lollipop Shoppe.

Finally, for the finishing touch to your wrapping, don't forget to put a tag on it. I've gone all wibbly wobbly over these Mr PS jelly gift tags. You get 6 for £6.

If you like these papers, buy them now: most of these shops have a last posting day of Monday or Tuesday next week. And, after all, you want to leave plenty of time to show off your beautifully wrapped packages under that tree.


  1. Excellent round-up! I wouldn't have thought of M&S but will be popping there at lunchtime.

  2. I have got that M&S paper and it's really nice. Thick without being tricky to fold, wide and bargaious. It was in their 3 for 2 offer - not sure if that is still on.

    Also check out dotcomgiftshop for cute ribbon:

  3. Sorry! wrong link. Should be

  4. I love the M&S paper, too - I bought some the other week and have already wrapped a few things with it. It's brilliantly festive, and it has a really handy grid on the back so you can cut it perfectly straight. I think the M&S Christmas cards and wrapping are 3 for 2 at the moment as well!

  5. See, I didn't like the M&S wrapping paper because of the M&S logo written all over the back of it but maybe that's me being a fussy knickers. :) The vintage bauble paper is gorgeous!

  6. Hello!!! I am Mrs Masque Wrapping! :) (cue a plug) we have loads of wonderful paper, it's not cheap because we don't like cheap - it's very high quality, designer papers. Vintage Travel papers by Cavallini Papers & Co, and Itallian designers, Rossi.

    Our site holds nearly 200 designs from across the globe - we also stock the wrap magazine - the site is convenient because every type of wrap (excluding cheap) is there for you, all stylish and wonderful, covering vintage, quirky, sexy, random styles... We'd love you to have a look!!!

    I found you via a mag article in Psychologies Magazine regarding 'finding your tribe' (I'm a subscriber to the mag and have it early) - I really cannot believe I've never found you before!!! It's great! I'm an official liker now, and look forward to your new blogs/statues etc. :) xxxx

    Happy New Year to you all :) xx


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