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Thursday 8 December 2011

Booze Magic: Whisky Stones

It's pretty tragic that the thing I'm most looking forward to about Friday is not buying my Christmas tree or hanging my wreath, but the arrival of my Tesco's delivery with a luscious bottle of Laphroaigh.

I utterly love whisky.

Like many people, I like it chilled, but get rather annoyed when my ice cubes start melting and turning hideously expensive liquor into alcoholic squash.

Whoever invented these babies gets my heartfelt praise: whisky stones are carved out of soapstone and will last for years if you treat them nicely. They're £17.99 from Firebox and you simply bung 'em in the freezer, then add to your tumbler of golden magic drink. Your whisky gets chilled, but not diluted.



  1. Every bar in the nation should invest in these - no more watery cocktail dregs!

  2. I feel like such an idiot for ever allowing my rye to get diluted by sub standard ice. Should I get behind the whisky stones in a Jamie Oliver style campaign for strong cold drinks?

  3. Love those. We bought some for my whiskey-aficionado father-in-law last year. :)


  4. I bought these and don't work... I still use them (because I am stubborn and won't let my husband win the "you buy too much useless stuff" argument) but I end up sneaking a few "regular" ice cubes after a few sips... heart breaking!


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