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Tuesday 13 December 2011

The winner of the Upper Street shoes

The Upper Street competition has been so much fun (once we put aside the fact that we couldn't enter). You guys are very talented little shoe designers! We actually couldn't pick three finalists - instead we picked four (so sue us, you're really good at shoes) and Upper Street's Lisa decided on a winner. Here are the runners up:

Adele's jazzy brogues.

@Fadeupyoursmile's Wonder Woman shoe.

Loving these flats - loads of you went for ballet flats instead of skyscraper heels.

We truly loved all of these designs, but who won in the end? *drum roll* @aforaorta - here's her shoe!

We love these shoes so much. We'd wear them out immediately and apparently even has a matching coat so she's going to look pretty fabulous. Alex, just email us or pester us on Twitter and we'll get your prize sorted out! Or maybe we'll steal them.

To thank you all for entering and having so much fun with your designs, Upper Street are giving all of you a 15% discount. Just use the code 57019 between 13th and 23rd December to save your pennies - those pretty shoes really deserve to be made for real.

Still got the competition bug? Don't forget you can still win a collection of fashion books from the V&A today and enter the competitions going on all this week.


  1. There are some great shoes designers amongst the readers of Domestic Sluttery. I want them all!

  2. The strangest thing is I actually dreamed about only making a runner-up slot last night... and those are the flats I designed. Argh! Heartbreaking! So near and yet so far. Well done to the winner, gorgeous shoes for the heel wearers among us.

  3. Oh, Sarah! They are truly lovely (I'm guessing our own Sara wants them for herself). There was a very good reason I passed the final choice onto someone else - it was too hard!

  4. Oh, I loved those, Sarah - they're like pretty gift-wrapped flats. Now I'm tempted by that 15% offer...


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