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Thursday 15 December 2011

All I Want for Christmas: Gifts for Kids (by Charlotte, aged 7 1/2)

I like Christmas because I get lots of toys that I want. We put up the decorations in the house to make it look nice and Christmassy. My favourite is the shiny star on the Christmas tree because it is nice and golden shiny.  Last year Father Christmas gave me a hula hoop, a Wii Party game, Buzz Lightyear, rulers and pencils and glow sticks for me to wear. These are some things I would like Father Christmas to bring.
I would like some walkie talkies because I want to play spies with my sister. She is called Annabelle. She is 4.

I think my sister Annabelle would like a kaleidoscope. This is cool because you can make your own one with your own patterns and you can see colours inside. 

I want this spinning top. It spins round and round and round. It has horses and they spin round and I like the colours.

I like all the butterflies and the rainbow and the sun and the star. You can stick them onto the wall. You can put them in your bedroom or the play room. I would like these pink butterflies for my room to make it look pretty.

This is a monkey to help you learn to count and add up. You put different numbers on his arms to make the number 10. You have to make it balance carefully and if you get it wrong it will have cross eyes. I could play this with Annabelle and it will be fun.

Charlotte Keane. Aged 7 1/2


  1. Such a thoughtful girl! Fingers crossed that Father Christmas brings you and your sister some lovely things! Xx

  2. Ask a kid to write a kids' Christmas gift guide: genius!

  3. Good choices! Although my son had those exact walkie talkies one year and they were useless..!

  4. I think I used to have something similar to the monkey for counting and I loved it :) great post!


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