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Thursday 8 December 2011

Sluttery Christmas: Modern Toss Christmas Cards

I haven't been feeling hugely inspired about Christmas this year, I must admit. I don't know whether it's lots of exciting things happening through the year, or having my first birthday party in three years last month, but I'm a bit...well, unfestive.

Or at least I was until I got my first Christmas card through the post this week! I'd forgotten how much a really beautiful card cheers you up. Mine was one of the Radio Times designs (they are underselling them terribly with very fuzzy images, which is why they're not featured here, but if you squint you can just about make out how nice they are. And a jolly reasonable £3.99 + £1.50P&P for 10, with 10% going to Children In Need too.)

But as I'm not quite festive enough to go full RT, I think I'm going to go for some of these Modern Toss cards, which I just love (remember the Periodic Tablecloth of Swearing? That was them.) Click on each pic for the full lol.
These, and the infinitely swearier options are all available from the Modern Toss website for £1.99 each, but I will be popping down to tonight's launch of their Seasonal Blowout exhibition at the Imitate Modern Gallery in the hopes of grabbing some there. Ho ho ho!

Friday 9-Sunday 18 December, 10am-6pm,
Imitate Modern Gallery, 27a Devonshire Street London W1G 6PN


  1. I love Modern Toss. Do they have a Driveby Abuser one? He's my favourite.

  2. Perfect antidote - much thanks!


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