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Thursday 15 December 2011

Sluttishly Snug: Long Tall Sally Fair Isle Slipper Boots

Long Tall Sally have 20% off everything at the moment, and the one thing I'd urge you larger-footed things to invest in are these fantastic slipper boots, normally £22.

I've had them for a month and they're not only incredibly comfortable, but they're fun for winter and - very important for fake fur I think - the lining doesn't make your feet all hot and horrible. Just keep an eye on those pom poms - I managed to accidentally dunk mine in a glass of mulled wine on Sunday, oops...


  1. heya, I brought a pair and I virtually live in them lol, but can I ask how you wash them. Can I just bung them in washing machine?

    1. I certainly do! The pom poms came off after a couple of washes, but they're slobbing around the flat shoes so I didn't mind too much.


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