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Wednesday 1 May 2013

Buy one get one free with Upper Street!

Ladies, get your credit cards out, ignore your phone for an hour. You've got some serious shoe designing to do. We've teamed up with those gorgeous devils at shoe creators Upper Street and we're giving you the chance to buy one pair of shoes and get another free! This means twice as many hours lost when you should be doing Very Important Spreadsheets much fun designing shoes! And, of course, twice as many pairs of shoes to parade around in. This is all terribly exciting, Team Sluttery have designed seven hundred pairs this morning.

A couple of us are lucky enough to have created our own Upper Street shoes and we're quite smitten with them. I was all for getting a pair of Very Sensible Flats. Then I thought that I might go for the slightly ridiculous patent flats above. And then I thought bugger it and opted for high heels. Totally the right choice. Not sure how your shoes will look in real life? My sandals (version 2.0) went from this...

To this! (Telephone and scruffy desk unavailable for purchase.)

I absolutely love them. I'm wearing them today (further photos of them on my feet available on request, unless that request is a bit weird). I'm going to be colour blocking my way through summer. Not only do you get to play with colours and styles, you can choose your heel height as well, so these beauties don't badger my old foot fracture five minutes after putting them on.

Prices for Upper Street shoes start at £195, and you've got until Friday to take advantage of the buy one get one free offer (don't dilly-dally, it's open to the first 200 buyers only). Once you've bought your shoes, just send them an email at [email protected] referencing Domestic Sluttery and you'll get a code for the second pair to the same value. The promotion is available on all Upper Street standard shoes in sizes 33-43 and is available to new customers only, but we promise we've got something super special planned for die hard Upper Street fans. Which you're all about to become after playing shoe designer all day.

Happy shoe shopping, everyone! Enjoy your vouchers and please show us your designs on Facebook and Twitter, we really want to see your fabulous creations.

Super important small print:
  1. The offer is valid between 1pm Wednesday 1st May and 5pm Friday 3rd May 2013 to the first 200 NEW customers only.
  2. To be eligible for an offer code, you must purchase one FULL price pair of made-to-order shoes from Upper Street. Shoes purchased with Upper Street gifts or offer codes will not be eligible for this offer. Nor will shoes purchased from the sample sale.
  3. Only one offer code will be issued per customer.
  4. The offer is non-transferable and not exchangeable for money. Nor will it be paid out in cash.
  5. The value of the offer code is the equivalent value of the purchased shoes, should the cost of your second pair be more expensive, you can pay the difference. The voucher can only be spent on made to order shoes on the Upper Street website. The offer code can’t be used when purchasing sample shoes. Nor can the offer code be used in conjunction with other offer codes or Upper Street gifts.
  6. The offer code can be used to purchase one pair of made-to-order shoes; no residual value will be retained.
  7. The offer code will be valid for three months from date of issue. Codes will not be accepted after this date.

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