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Thursday 16 May 2013

Cool or Creepy: Beastie Banquet Salt and Pepper Trotters

As adventurous as I am with my food, I'm a little wary about the more unusual cuts of meat. I can't quite stomach liver and sweetbreads or brains and well... stomach. I adore a pigs cheek, but I'm not sure trotter is something I'll order in a restaurant (though I'd totally have a tiny bit of yours if you were offering). But when it comes to ceramic design - that's a totally seamless link - I think these pig trotter salt and pepper shakers are absolutely gorgeous.

They're part of the Beastie Banquet collection from Luna & Curious - their debut design collection. It might only be small, but I like it. L&C have always been excellent at curating covetable collections (no, I couldn't say that sober), and there's definitely the work of Polly George involved in this and I love that she's doing something so different from her usual work. They're £43 and perfect for feasting. Even if you're only feasting on fish finger sandwiches.

I'd be happy to have pigs trotters on my table, in ceramic form at least. What do you think? Cool enough to trot their way onto your dining table, or a little bit creepy?

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