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Monday 13 May 2013

Etsy Pick: Laura Gee

I spent my Saturday at a cat show. I KNOW. It was amazing. By the time I arrived, many of the cats had fallen asleep in their litter trays, awaking only to suspiciously eye the flamboyant rosettes adorning their cages. One was triumphantly crowned 'Olympian', and celebrated by snoozing with his tail dipped in his water bowl. 

And others, well, they'd had enough before the show even began. Some poor beasties had notes pinned to their cages: DO NOT COME CLOSE - HE IS NOT HAPPY! or JUDGES: DO NOT HANDLE NO.92 - HE IS IN A BAD MOOD. The rest? They simply assumed the universal pissed-off cat pose, as illustrated here in Laura Gee's Piss Off print. It's all in the ears. 

Laura Gee is a London-based illustrator and maker with a lovely line in prints, cushions and cards. She's funny, and I like all her stuff. This Universe print is very wise advice indeed. 

This print might be my favourite, because it's the sort of thing I get told off for all the time:

- "Where have you been!" 
- "I was talking to a bumblebee!" 
- "For an hour and a half?!" 
- "Um. Yeah."

I have yet to get lost following a butterfly, but it's only a matter of time. 

What? Oh, just otters holding hands, that's all. Or looping arms, at least. Clearly an Otter Paparazzo is invading their personal space, though. 

Got a thing for ginger beardy men? Then you need Fred in your life. 

I really like this flash card print. A daily reminder to keep on going. I'd love it if every classroom in Britain had this on their wall. 

Ace. I need this Fuck Off Cheetah cushion in my life. It's several steps up from the universal pissed-off cat pose on the Angry Cat Scale, isn't it? Just remember to hide it when your granny comes for tea.

Laura's prints are £15 and the cushions are £30. Most of her illustrations can also be bought as cards for £2.75. I want everything. 


  1. My decidedly mediocre day has been made so much better by these pictures. I want everything too!! These will definitely be making an appearance in my new flat...


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