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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Top Ten Boozy Cakes

Today I've been asked what all the fuss is with booze in cake. Put simply, it's one of the best things you can do to a cake. The sponge soaks up all of the alcohol, making it brilliantly moist and most booze goes with things we like to put in cake: chocolate, cream, nuts and fruit. Not sambuca. Sambuca doesn't go with anything except sad faces and regret and no one wants that flavour of cake. But Mulled wine chocolate cake? Yes please. Absinthe cake? Absolutely. Here's a round up of our favourite boozy cakes.

The king of boozy cakes may just be the GIANT BOOZY JAFFA CAKE. Cointreau goes in a lot of our cakes (actually it goes in a lot of everything). If raspberries are more your thing, this raspberry revenge cake has Chambord in it. More cakes should be inspired by trashy American telly.

Amaretto is everyone's friend. It's one of the tastiest spirits and it's pretty cheap. Tastes amazing in a sponge.

We have more than a few cocktail inspired cakes! There's actually a (huge) bright pink cosmopolitan cake in the Domestic Sluttery book, but you could always opt for the whisky mac ginger cake pictured. Or a mojito cake. Or dark 'n' stormy cupcakes. Yeah, we like cocktails and cakes. You already knew that.

Now, it's becoming clear that Hazel likes putting booze in her cakes. Actually, it's the only way we can get her to bake anything. This is her to die for white chocolate and limoncello cake (made with her own limoncello, obviously). And she puts rum in carrot cake. Even her Rice Crispy cakes have rum in them. And there's more rum in our festive Rum-dum-dum-dum-dum cake.

Brandy and apples might as well be sold together. They're the best of friends. They also quite like toffee. Let's put them in boozy toffee apple cake and make everyone happy.

Oh, and with the rest of that brandy you could make yourself drunken sunken cheery cupcakes. Or these brandy buttercream cupcakes.

What other cakes should we put booze in? We've got quite a lot of it lying around. Leave a comment with your suggestions!

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  1. I made this Pimms cake after I saw it on Skin and Blister it's so good! Have since made all sorts of alcohol drizzles.

    1. 'Alcoholic drizzle' sounds like a brilliant insult.

  2. How come your Mojito cake isn't in this list?? That's one of my staples, and I'm always asked to supply it at parties!
    BTW, I agree - booze and cake is a perfect mix. I must recommend adulterating your mulled wine recipe cake, too - I added some port along with the wine, and a touch of brandy, and a dash of orange oil. Does that make it more Sangria cake?

    1. It is! It's right there after the whisky mac cake!

  3. You have quite a lot of booze laying around or cake? Either way i think you're probably lying, if not then I'd be happy for you to send it my way! =D

    1. There's a bottle of rhubarb vodka on my desk.


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