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Wednesday 22 May 2013

Shop in the Spotlight: Little Mistress

Little Mistress is a brand that's bubbling under my radar for a while now. For every dress I spot that I like, there are three that looked like they belonged in Lipsy (I'm in two minds about this particular dress, it could be fabulous but it's teetering into air cabin crew territory). But, it was this blue and white lace dress (only one left in a size 8, hurry!) that made me want to explore a little more.

At first glance, I thought this pink skater dress was a little too cutesy. But on closer inspection, I really like the retro print. I also like her orange lippy. £55 well spent.

It's hard to make out the lace daisy print down the centre of the dress, but it's there, looking adorable. There's a yellow zip down the back as well. This dress is £50 and it's a keeper. Until you throw burger sauce down it.

Not just dresses, I like this floral skirt as well. It's only £39 but please don't wear it with the matching top, you're not a backing singer for a Spanish girl band.

Woah. This lace panel dress is super sexy (this one is too pink, but it's nice to have options). Dress it up, wear it to a wedding. No one will suspect it was only £52.

I might well be blinded by her fabulous skin, but I think I like this mint green playsuit very much. It might be a bit Peter Pan. I might think that's a good thing. I's £42.

I love the gold trims on this floral maxi dress. I think I'd need to see it in the flesh, but it could be a winner. It's £65.


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