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Monday 20 May 2013

Dream Dress: Darimeya

Ladies: I've wanted to tell you about Darimeya for years. They make beautiful dresses that manage to be quirky and cute and vintage-esque without shouting "hello I want to be Zooey Deschanel". So why haven't I shared? Because their website was dreadful - tiny thumbnails of dresses on hangers, rather than proper photos of dresses on women. Thankfully they've recently revamped it so we can all coo over them.

I'll be honest: if you're over about 5'8, these dresses are not for you. You need Kat's Tall Girl Treats - this is very much a Petite Girl Pleasure. For those of us unburdened by height, let's dive in.

Wonder of wonders, their sale section is better stocked than the rest of the site. So let's start there, with this Nina dress reduced to £28. It's smart, demure and beautifully tailored, with an exciting sequinned collar. Your body's in the office but your neck is determined to party, dammit.

The model might look like she's smelled something bad or been called in for her tea when she wants to stay out and play, but she can't distract from that beautiful print and flared skirt. This daisy dress is £45.

Hello, navy chiffon dress, with your pearl beaded shoulders and flowing floaty structure. Let's go dancing one late summer night, once I've saved up £68 for you. You're worth it.

I could try and sell you this dress on the basis of the jade green colour, squirrel print on the skirt, fitted waist and lace hem, or I could just tell you it's £10. Yeah. Off you go. Wear it to picnics and don't worry about the grass stains.

I know it says 'dream dress' at the top but I'm going to sneak in this knitted sequinned top because - just look at it! Plus I'm not sure the model's wearing trousers so she's clearly styling it as a mini dress. It's perfect for the ridiculous weather we've been having - cosy enough to keep you warm without saying "I am resigned to this eternal winter". And it's £20. Get in.

A word of warning: lots of sale items only come in smaller sizes - so if you're 8-12, you're in luck. If you're in London, pop into the Darimeya shops on Portobello Road, Brick Lane or Kingly Court.


  1. I was oohing and ahhing all over this site and picking out my payday treat when BAM!

    The Clitoria tunic.

    Thanks, but no thanks. (LOL!)

    1. Oh dear. On the up side, Clitoria Tunic is my new drag name.


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