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Thursday 2 May 2013

Sluttery by Post: Goodie Goodness

As much as I love our Sluttery by Post features, sometimes they can get pricey. Really pricey if you want to sign up to all of them (and I often do). If I'm signing up to get something through the post each month, it had better be the best thing to land on my doorstep since the day I get a new shoe and a gin delivery.

Goodie Goodness is brilliant and affordable. And if you don't like it, you can stop whenever you like. The gorgeous box (pictured above) is just £14.99. Last month they teamed up with artists Vivid Please. I don't want to ruin the secrets of what's in the Goodie Goodness box, but here are some gorgeous pieces from Vivid Please.

Goodie Goodness are working with good people, making good products. At £14.99, their box of curiousities is definitely worth a punt. You might get pugs in the post.

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