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Thursday 2 May 2013

Design Porn: Darkroom

It's fair to say we're a fan of the alphabet here at DS. It's not just loving letters, but that personalised aspect that comes from picking an initial, whether for a friend or for yourself.

Initial pendants and earrings are nothing new, but I adore the way that Darkroom, the luxury design shop on Lamb's Conduit Street, present their products online.

Everything is well beyond my means (£850 for a sexy bag? Not today, sadly) but their website is an absolute feast of photography and well-thought out arrangement – I challenge you not to get absolutely sucked in. Some of us Sluttière girls spoke at a design event in Clerkenwell last night, and one of the major points that came up was products needing to look good online.

Darkroom delivers IN SPADES.

Colour popping is very much the order of the day here and as a one-time photography student I love everything about the composition. The colours are just perfect and it's like a really delicious snack for your eyes.

Everything is also really carefully lit. I really like that sheen that the light lends to the straps. I also HUGELY would like to meet that bag.
 There's a great section on the site called The Plinth, which is basically a series of curated lookbooks for various themes. I adore Hello Yellow. Only last night, Sian and I were talking about what a vastly under-loved colour it is. There's a lot to appreciate here.
This Monochrome setting popped into my inbox this morning. That plate had me at hello, but at £90 I'll content myself with loving it from afar.

Even their wrapping is sexy! Anything you buy from the website comes wrapped up like a wonderful present. Now that's design thought through from start to finish.


  1. THAT YELLOW CLUTCH. Need. Hard.

    1. Handles have completely changed how I think about clutches. From "something I will definitely leave in the pub" to "YES PLEASE I'LL TAKE THREE".

    2. YES. Exactly that. I can't be doing with carrying a bag around - I smoke, I drink, I probably have a piece of cake to eat, a small kitten to play with. You can't be doing that with a clutch bag.


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