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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Top Ten White Chocolate Recipes

White chocolate is a strange beast. I'll never eat it on its own. I never have a craving for it. But when it's used in baking? That's a totally different matter. Suddenly its rich creaminess transforms and the sickly sweetness is no more, it's the perfect baking addition. Here are our top ten white chocolate recipes.

Let's kick off with cake. There's a lot of it. Try our millionaire's mudcake (pictured at the top of the feature), or our gorgeous limoncello and white chocolate cake. Or both! Definitely try both. There's limoncello in our white chocolate profiteroles as well. And then try our white chocolate and apricot cake.

Pistachio and white chocolate works brilliant together, as you can see from these pistachio-topped white chocolate cupcakes.

More proof that we're a fan of pistachio and the white stuff. If you want something very speedy, this white chocolate fudge will take you just five minutes to whip up. The pinks and greens look gorgeous, and if you can wait the couple of hours for it to set without chewing off your own arm, it tastes pretty fantastic too.

Like dippy eggs and soldiers? We made this brilliant white chocolate mousse with mango coulis to look like the perfect Easter dessert. Or if you want something more simple, you could try our traditional white chocolate mousse. And if you're after something patriotic-themed, we made white chocolate pops for the Jubilee last year.

Most of our white chocolate recipes can be made gluten free, but we also have a gluten free white chocolate cheesecake so those of you following a GF diet don't have to fiddle about with the recipe.

We heartily recommend making rose and gin chocolates for presents. Actually, we heartily recommend making twice as many because you ate the first batch.

Want more inspiration? Check out the rest of our top ten recipes. Nope, still no top ten salads.

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