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Friday 24 May 2013

Plus Size Picks: Animal Crackers

Remember when 'animal print' meant brown leopard spots, or maybe a bit of zebra? Now it's become a bit more literal. There are tops covered in squirrels, sweatshirts with tiger faces on, dresses printed with birds, beetles, giraffes and whatever else you could possibly think of. It's a look the plus size market has really sunk its teeth into, perhaps because the big prints work best on the simple shapes so many plus brands love? Here are just a few animal emblazoned offerings for you to try out this Summer...

Evans' latest drop as part of the Swan collaboration with designers Clements Ribeiro has caused big waves in the plus size world because the brand chose to use plus size bloggers, rather than the usual size-16-at-a-push models. If you want to see how this slouchy lobster print t-shirt dress (£39.50, sizes 14 - 32) looks like on, check out Bethany wearing it in a shoot for the Telegraph and Callie sporting it in the official campaign. In case you didn't know, lobsters are the new owls. Or something.

If you prefer your dresses with a bit more shape, this horse print number from Very's So Fabulous range has that brilliant combo of great fun print and (rejoice!) sleeves. It's £32 in sizes 14 -28. Since it's still freakin' freezing outside, this will need tights. Resist the urge to just go for black - We Love Colours stocks plus sized tights in a rainbow of shades, including fuchsia and orange which would pick out the colours in the dress perfectly.
For a bit more of a casual look, Next's cute little elephant print top is a bargain at £16 (up to size 26) and designed perfectly to go with denim thanks to its chambray trim. The bracelet length sleeves are a bit cooler in warmer months, and also give you ample opportunity to load your wrists with bangles, bracelets and a big men's style watch. Just remember to instagram it. Hashtag arm candy.

If you prefer one big motif to an all-over print, you can't go far wrong with this black and white ASOS Curve number (£30, sizes 18 - 26). Pop it over dresses for extra warmth, or team with jeans or skirts. I should say something about black and white being a big trend this season but really, who cares about trends when there are pandas?
If the internet were a t-shirt, and it wasn't the Three Wolf Moon tee, it would be this. Cat! Hipster glasses! Beanie hat! Semi-ironic self identification! Is it extra ironic to wear it in a knowing way? If you think you can pull it off, it's only £7.99, exclusively at New Look online (sizes 18 - 26). Extra points if you team it with Converse and a Zooey Deschanel fringe.


  1. I like all of them apart from that dress from Evans which is hideous and bloomin expensive for what is essentially a nightie that makes it look like you've attached a lobster to your nipples. Really like the horse print dress, though, lovely lovely.

  2. Whereas I like the lobster dress. Good quality material too :) You can't please everyone...


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