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Thursday 16 May 2013

Nuvo Vodka Liqueur

There are two very simple ways to make me fall in love with a drink. 1) Make it pink, 2) put bubbles in it. So when the lovely people at Alexander & James asked if I wanted to try a pink, sparkling vodka liqueur, my response was an unequivocal, YES PLEASE!

I usually think of liqueurs as heavy, sickly drinks that are brought out at the end of big family meals, this one sounded refreshingly different. Nuvo is a light, clean drink that tastes as beautiful as it looks.

When I first opened the box, my reaction was "it's so pretty!" Pink and fruity, this is a fresh and light liqueur. Nuvo is a combination of French vodka, French sparkling wine and passion fruit nectar. Served chilled, its peachy, passion-fruity scent and almost-strawberry flavour is the sort of thing I could drink all day (or until I fall over). It's that slightly chancy combination of fruit and alcohol, where you could completely forget that what you're drinking will make you tipsy. 

The bubbles transform Nuvo from an it-would-be-ok-in-a-cocktail type of liqueur into a delightfully fruity drink that's perfect for warm summer days. In fact, on cold, wet days, it's just the sort of drink that would transport you to a sunnier place!

Want to try Nuvo? It's £30.10 from Alexander James.

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