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Tuesday 28 May 2013

Crispin Finn's Classic Cocktail Prints

How was your bank holiday? Boozy? To ease the shift back into a short but sobering working week, take a look at these classic cocktail prints from Crispin Finn.

If Crispin Finn sound familiar, it may be because they've featured in our wall planners round-ups a couple of times. Now they're going to help us plan our next drink too. What helpful people.

Like this Old Fashioned print, each of the designs is decorated by a booze-related quote from the great, the good and the drunken (in this case Ernest Hemingway), and some information about each cocktail. And while the simplified illustration gives valuable clues to the correct glassware and garnish for each cocktail, I like the fact they don't bother with an exact recipe - that's what we're here for, right? Here's our guide to the perfect Old Fashioned.

Each print is made using Crispin Finn's distinctive red, white and blue colour scheme. It helps give the prints a very clean look, worthy of hanging over the most minimalist of bars. I don't think I've quite reached the stage of life referred to in the Bette Davis quote on the champagne cocktail print, but certainly some champagne is always welcome. I'll just leave our champagne cocktail recipe here.

Thanks to the Negroni print, I now know to order one of those on each airport visit. It's certainly going to make my economy adventures seem that bit more exciting. Fancy a Negroni at home as well as away? Here's the Domestic Sluttery guide to making your own.

Of all these cocktails, I think the Caipirinha is my favourite, bringing back happy memories of squiffy nights out in Lisbon. Alas, this print loses points for a badly placed apostrophe (the result of too much Cahaca?) which brings out my inner red pen. At least it would go with the colour scheme. Perhaps that's a sign I need to relax, make my own Caipirinha, and simply enjoy the good looks of the print.

Each print is £45. Amount spent on booze after purchase is entirely up to you.

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