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Friday 24 May 2013

Sluttery Sales Spy: Ted Baker, Oasis & Urban Outfitters

Now, let's see. It's Friday! It's lunchtime! What does that mean? Yup - in the words of Enya, it's time to sale away, sale away, sale away...


Sicilian Knight dress, £44 (was £55), Oasis

Ah, here we have the official uniform of the Sicilian Knights. Unexpected, but I can see how it would work. Flimsy fabric to keep them cool in the Italian heat. A handy belt to tuck their swords under. No lower body constriction - hop on that horse and giddy up with abandon! And obviously, every good knight's secret weapon - style so dazzling, the opposition will simply start cooing uncontrollably and fall off their steeds in a bundle of awe. 

Use code 20MAYDRESS to get the discounted price - and a total Sicilian Knights vibe - at the checkout.

Greylin Valencia lace dress, £78 (was £130), ASOS

Swit-swoo. We love yellow here at DS Towers, but it can be tricky to wear. One solution is to bung a whole heap of gorgeous creamy lace atop the brightest of yellows, à la this Greylin Valencia dress from ASOS, leaving you with a healthy dose of sunshine peeping through.

Horse & Carriage sundress, £38.40 (was £48), Oasis

I'd love to see a bride wearing this horse and carriage dress on her wedding day. Horse and carriage, love and marriage - geddit? Also, it's got the 'something blue' thing going on to great effect. Remember to enter your code - 20MAYDRESS - to get almost a tenner off! You can spend that on your honeymoon! (I don't mean you'll be booking a whole honeymoon for £10 - that would be wonderful, but it'll probably only stretch to one night on a campsite in Wick.)


Embroidered sailing boats jumper, £22 (was £44), ASOS

I'll admit, I wasn't expecting to be writing about knitwear in MAY. I thought we'd be all sandals this and sunglasses that, but it seems Weather HQ has a different agenda. I was - to put it mildly - fucking freezing yesterday. Also, there was hail. There's nothing for it but to live vicariously through a jumper, and buy this one covered in sailing boats

Selected Wilma jumper, £45 (was £70), ASOS

A semaphore jumper! Or perhaps it's based on a coastguard's flag? (I'm determined to link knitwear to the sea this week.) Yeah, probably the one that warns of shark-infested waters. At least people will quickly move out of your way when you pop it on at that optimistic picnic on the beach you've got planned for the bank holiday weekend.

Winding pointelle cardigan, £54.95 (was £78), Anthropologie

It's time for me to tell you about an honorary family member we had while I was growing up - Green Mummy. Green Mummy was a chenille jumper in this very shade of green that we see here before us. Our little menace of a cat, Smudge 2 (may he rest in peace, and with a copious heavenly supply of wafer-thin ham and garden birds), LOVED Green Mummy - Mama B's jumper - and he would burrow into her armpit while she was wearing it and purr and dribble EVERYWHERE. We don't know why he adored it so - perhaps his real mother was green and had fur like chenille? - but Green Mummy was soon rendered unwearable, and simply became a permanent fixture on Mama B's armchair. Does anyone else's cat have a strange affinity with a piece of clothing? It doesn't count if you've sprinkled it with catnip. 

So anyway, this pointelle cardigan from Anthropologie reminds me a lot of Green Mummy. Buy one for your feline friend today.


Johnny Loves Rosie metal-tipped edge bag, £62 (was £125), ASOS

Scroll back up to the top of the page and have a gawk at this Johnny Loves Rosie bag from a different angle. It's a lovely boxy shape, and has that exposed foldy-over flappy studded detailing (technical term) reminiscent of old leather suitcases. I think I'm smitten.

Ted Baker glitter satchel, £63.36 (was £99), House of Fraser

Yo, Dorothy - you've lost your Ted Baker satchel! It's definitely not in Kansas any more! In fact, I'd wager it's sitting in a House of Fraser warehouse somewhere.

Kate Sheridan snail tote, £25.50 (was £30), Urban Outfitters

I'm calling snails as the Next Big Invertebrates of Fashion. You can keep your vertebrates - your owls, your foxes - the living campervan is where it's at nowadays. Be an early adopter of my predicted trend and buy this Kate Sheridan tote from Urban Outfitters - you need to use code YEAH15 at the checkout to get your discount.


The Cat and the Moon necklace by Tilly Bloom, £20.50 (was £24.50), Fab

My love affair with Tilly Bloom continues (not IRL, by the way, just in case her sweetheart is reading this). I've got my beady eye on her The Cat and the Moon necklace, currently on sale on Fab - and we've got just six days to get our mitts on one. I'm also quite partial to this naughty cat chasing a bird.

Yasmin by Gogo Philip Arrowhead ring, £5 (was £9), ASOS

Let's all buy rings with arrows on them and POINT AT THINGS. This model is pointing at her perfectly golden strand of hair, and who can blame her?

Verameat Bike Love ring, £26.80 (was £38.90), Fab

A tiny bicycle! I really love super-delicate rings like this one, but my man-hands aren't the best backdrop for such spindly splendour. My fingers just end up looking like sausages. The more finely-boned among you should most definitely buy this at once, though. Just don't expect me to be happy for you. HARRUMPH.

Spill your latest sales victories in the comments, please! I am agog.  


  1. These beauties!

  2. Oh gosh, I'd totally blocked chenille from mind. I had a purple chenille roll-neck jumper. It was pretty vile, but I loved it.

    1. Shame you don't still have it - you could give it to Baxter and see if chenille has the same effect on him!


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