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Tuesday 28 May 2013

How To Rock Neon Without Looking Like You've Stepped Out Of 1983

If neon makes you nervous, you're not alone, my friend. You're thinking "traffic cone", "glow sticks", "highlighter pens","young people". Well, stop picturing yourself dressed head-to-toe in fluorescent fabric and instead think about a sweetly shocking pop of colour. Use it sparingly to add a little life to your outfit and you won't look like a hen party from the 1980s, promise.

Let's work our way through the high street from "OW, MY EYES!" to "subtle glow".

BOOM! French Sole's neon collection of ballet flats comes in an awesome range of colourways, but these orange shoes with their electric blue trim and cut-out hearts are my favourites. Choose white with a neon trim if you're looking for something more subtle, or yellow if you desire something that will actually hurt your eyes (seriously, I can't look at them for more than five seconds). They're £120, but check out Asos's neon pink flats for £18 if your budget won't stretch.

ZING! This neon and perspex satchel from China Doll scores 10 out of 10 for neonicity (a perfectly cromulent word) with its bright yellow lining and pink purse. Yes, a transparent bag is slightly impractical but it will force you to keep your bag tidy, and you can keep secret items (tampons, biscuits, kittens) in the purse. It's £38 from Asos Marketplace.

WHOA! Hello, neon wristwatch from TOKYObay. In case it wasn't quite unmissable enough, it's also got glow-in-the-dark hands. You will never ever lose this watch. It's £85 from Liberty and comes in pink, green and purple.

OOH! White neon might sound like a misnomer, but this Henry Holland lace dress comes with a neon lime lining to give a subtle splash of colour. Observe:

Very clever, Mr H. It's £40 from Debenhams.

WHAM! A little bit Tatty Devine but without the matching price-tag: this neon bunting necklace from Etsy will set you back a mere £10.92. Incidentally, I strongly recommend typing "neon" into Etsy if you enjoy looking at neon light-up bras. Who doesn't?

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