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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sluttery Fantasy: Cleo B Tetris Shoes

I fell in love with shoe designer Cleo Barbour while reading the Evening Standard's Homes and Property section on Wednesday (total house porn - my favourite day of the week for precisely that reason).

As well as talking about her love for Lassco, and various London places close to my heart, there was a picture of a totally extraordinary shoe. "Oh yes," she was saying brightly, "Those are inspired by Tetris."

What a woman. The Tetris shoes are part of her Cleo B Autumn/Winter collection, which is also inspired by tin robot. She is unveiling them properly in July, at a pop-up shop at the Andaz hotel in Liverpool Street. They are absolutely gorgeous.

And luckily for my eyes and feet, they come in Tetris flats! What a thoughtful lady you are, Cleo.
Her other shoes are a total joy. They're not all wacky, but I adore a wacky pair of shoes so have highlighted those and those alone here.
These Boom! sandals at the top fill me with happiness. They're on a par with those lovely Ancient Green winged sandals.
The Sucker M.C. peep toes have a cassette for a heel. Which I ADORE. Also, lovely fun colours.

Cleo B shoes are all around the £250 - £300 mark, so keep an eye on her online sale shop.


  1. Oh I do love Cleo B and her disco ways. I went to LASSCO yesterday, they've got a kitten called Steve in the SE1 branch.

    1. They had NO kittens at the Vauxhall branch's restaurant, but then that was probably for the best.

    2. But they do have gin.


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