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Friday 3 May 2013

The Graham & Green Alpha Chest

I think I love this alphabet chest of drawers more than any other piece of furniture I've ever seen. It's completely dreamy. It's also nearly a grand, but I'm willing to ignore that just for a second because it's Friday and a bank holiday weekend and I can play 'let's pretend I have a townhouse in central London'.

It's even pretty close up! Made from sheesham and mango woods, you could arrange your entire life alphabetically. So only quills and quicksand can go in the Q drawer. I'll put zebras and zips in the Z drawer. Pens and pencils in the P drawer, even biros that have stopped working yet for inexplicable reason I never throw away. No idea which drawer to put toy soldiers in.

Like this? Happen to have a spare grand? It's from Graham & Green and I'm going to spend the rest of the morning staring at it.


  1. LOVE this, oh it's just all kinds of perfect

  2. You could put mercury (quicksilver) thermometers in the Q drawer. And letters from the Queen.


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