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Monday 20 May 2013

Top Ten Loaf Cake Recipes

Loaf cakes are perfect for lazy bakers. Mix everything together, bake, slather in tasty things (butter, caramel, chocolate, chocolate butter) and eat. They're the perfect cake to have with a cuppa. I'm about to make the gorgeous lemon and thyme Madeira cake pictured above. While I'm doing that, take a look at our top ten loaf cake recipes and be inspired to make cake.

We've got a bit of a thing about lemon loaf cake - we've also got a lemon caramel cake and a classic lemon drizzle cake. And don't forget our blackberry lemon loaf - it's perfectly sharp and tangy.

There's more! Our limoncello and white chocolate cake is becoming something of a classic.

Yorkshire brack is one of our most popular loaf cakes - all of that fruit is soaked in tea overnight. Want more tea in your cake? Then try out our traditional bara brith.

If you want your tea-inspired loaf cake a little more spiced, Hazel's chai cake is the perfect, (gorgeous looking) solution.

Fruit is ideal in a loaf cake because they can be quite dense - the fruit helps keep them moist as they're cooking Try out this raspberry ripple cake of this summer berry loaf. And if you've got some mini loaf tins, make mini apple loaves.

Want something a little unusual? Our Sussex orange cake is laced with caraway seeds.

You can't write about loaf cakes without mentioning banana bread. It's against the rules. Hazel's banana bread has dates and walnuts in it. We've also got a traditional banana bread recipe as well. We really want to add chocolate chips and toffee to it.

Want more inspiration? Check out the rest of our top ten recipes. Nope, still no top ten salads.


  1. That spiced chai cake is just perfection...

  2. And that lemon and thyme madeira cake is fabulous, have made it several times and its an awesome recipe.


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