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Thursday 30 May 2013

The Hobbs Sale

Hobbs, not unlike Whistles, is a place that I have a love/hate relationship with. I adore their NW3 range, but can rarely afford it. And their standard range can be all very grown up. Today I'm wearing shoes that I've had to super glue the heel back onto after playing on a climbing frame. That's not terribly grown up.

Yesterday when I wrote about amazing dresses with pockets, you all told me that you were going nuts for their dresses so I decided to take a proper look. Now I'm in love with a bright yellow mac. It's not in the sale, it's £139. Here's a little look at their sale pieces before I blame you all for my bankruptcy (which, I admit would be a nice change from the norm).

You are going to fight us to the death for this animal print trench coat. Seriously, get your paws off it, we will cut you. What's that? Even in the sale it's £95? See, this is exactly what I'm talking about Hobbs. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR.

Now this is more like it. This is a very cute blazer and it's £65 in the sale. Only size 6 or 8 available online, but as is often the case, you'll probably find more sizes in the shops. Still expensive, but you know Hobbs cut a good piece of cloth.

Unfortunately, no parallel universe exists where mustard yellow is a good look on me. But this pleated dress is super foxy and £69 and you should buy it. Worry about how you're going to iron it next week.

Yes, I'm going to be wearing this nautical jumper very soon. It's £49.

This Caravaggio skirt is gorgeous. The ruching is excellent. It's £64 and still available up to a size 18.

If the weather continues to be shit, I'm buying this definitely fabulous but totally out of season orange coat. But there's still no explaining the shrugs, Hobbs. Stop that, it's not 1994.


  1. For Hobbs fans who are Essex based an outlet is opening at Freeport shopping centre shortly!


  2. And there's always the Atterley Road website for discounted Hobbs and Whistles things, this is still available in a size 14!

  3. Oooh oooh look at THIS too... MULTI-18&refpage=promotions/sale-highlights/50-and-under

    so cute and lovely. Now if only I suited that colour!


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