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Tuesday 7 May 2013

Let's Get Anchored: Nautical Goods for Landlubbers

I think I looked at one too many sailor dresses when putting together the nautical fashion feature. For how else do you explain the fact that this shower curtain is now hanging proudly in my bathroom? But, seemingly, I'm not alone in my seafaring ways - you can find a whole load of anchors embellishing all sorts of homewares at the moment. Needless to say, it's a trend I can really get on board with (and should you wish to join me, this anchor shower curtain is only £12 from Debenhams).

Now I've surrendered my bathroom to a nautical theme, surely this Izola 'Anchor' soap dish is the next logical step? It's £20 from Culture Label. The same firm even make an anchors aweigh soap which surely will be winging its way to me in not too long.

But it's not all about the bathroom. Although Pedlars's Anchor man mug would make an excellent toothbrush holder, that's not really making the most of its bone china skills. How nice would it be to use it for your cup of tea every morning? At £15 for the mug, that works out at roughly 4p per cuppa, which sounds like pretty good value to me.

Also good value is this Anchors Cushion, as it's currently reduced in the Heals sale to £29.60. It's by Anorak - of the kissing horses, bunny towels and all round animal excellence. Turns out they've got a good line in anchors too (you can also get this on a picnic blanket).

And finally, The Mint List have in quite a gorgeous range of nautically-themed jars, like this gold anchor jar which stands at just over 30cm high and is perfect for ... I'm not sure what, but it's really pretty isn't it? I'm also a huge fan of the Ahoy jar. It's just a shame they are all £125 plus. Clearly a signal that it's time to set sail and try and find that hidden treasure.


  1. Can I just ask (before I buy it!) whether the anchors on that gorgeous shower curtain are black or navy? And let anyone else who might be thinking about buying it know that Debenhams has extra money off everything today so it's only £12

    1. Appears to be a very dark blue!

    2. I've just checked in my bathroom and it's hard to tell even looking at it in real life! I think it's a very dark blue (could pass for black). It looks very handsome in the flesh - makes having a shower quite exciting.

    3. Thanks!


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