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Tuesday 28 May 2013

Top Ten Maple Syrup Recipes

You might say that we're a little bit obsessed with maple syrup. It's not cheap, so when we do use it, it must be used in fabulous things (like that walnut and maple syrup tart pictured above). Here are our top ten maple syrup recipes.

The best thing about maple syrup is using it in sweet and savoury dishes. How do you make quiche better? Cover it in a blanket of maple bacon.

Or put bacon in maple syrup cookies. Or make peanut butter and bacon cookies. Or forego the cookies entirely and just nibble on candied bacon.

You see, maple syrup and pork are the best of friends. Try our glazed ham recipe, or go for our maple syrup and pepper pork ribs.

Maple syrup also goes brilliant with pecans, which means you can make this gorgeous pear and pecan strudel. Or make a classic pecan pie.

Banana bread is a classic, but it tastes so  much better with maple syrup, dates and walnuts. Still have some dates leftover? Then make these fruit and nut muffins.

We'll even put maple syrup in our booze. And bacon in our bourbon.

Want more inspiration? Check out the rest of our top ten recipes. Nope, still no top ten salads.

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