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Wednesday 24 July 2013

A Clutch To Clutch Hold Of

This clutch from Anthropologie is simply ravishing. I am such a huge fan of big, colourful jewels, and I never go anywhere without my pearl stud earrings, so adding more of same to a nice bag just makes sense.

I don't usually venture into Anthropologie due to the fact that I turn purple and pass out on sighting how much they charge for a door knob, and while this bag isn't cheap - £58 - it's decent enough to make it feel like a purchase I should look after, rather than merrily cavort around with for one summer and then chuck out. And by decent, I mean it's really nicely put together. Let's do some zooming.
Now there's lovely. This is a bag that would go with absolutely everything, and make you feel incredibly cheerful while you went about your business. Perfect.


  1. They used to sell purses like this in Indian shops in the 90s! They were very plasticky though, not like this one, but the same design. I used to keep bindis in it :)

    1. Oh yes, I knew I'd seen that style before!

    2. Ah, bindis. I used to wear them at sixth form when I was 17 - it was a massive trend in darkest Hampshire!


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