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Monday 22 July 2013

Just Desserts Round-Up: Sunshine Citrus

When we suggested the theme 'sunshine citrus' for our Just Desserts club, we didn't anticipate you bringing the summer with such vigour. If you haven't joined in before, here's how it works. Every other month, we announce a dessert theme and invite you to get involved by creating a recipe, blogging the results, and linking back to us. We do a round-up, readers vote for their favourite, and they're awarded the Just Desserts Plate of Glory.

So without further ado, let's sponge ourselves down and see what you've come up with.

Jess from Knitting on Trains brought us amaretto sour cupcakes. A cocktail in a cake! She's created them with lemon, almond, amaretto, and a hidden cherry jam centre.

Under A Glass Sky brought us her mother-in-law's recipe for summery sweet citrus syllabub. Four ingredients + 10 minutes work = velvety smooth pudding.

When it's this hot, the only pudding we want is sorbet. And we want seconds of The Spicy Pear's cherry lime and basil sorbet, please. Make it as sweet or sour as you like, and don't forget a splash of vodka to keep the texture soft.

Fruit Is Not A Pudding do a wonderful job bringing us naturally gluten-free desserts. Despite their fruit boycott, they've decided that oranges and lemons are ok and created popty ping polenta pudding. You can whip it up in minutes in your popty ping (or 'microwave', if you're not familiar with the greatest Welsh word ever).

A ridiculously easy recipe from High Tea Cast: their citrus sunshine ice-cream calls for just two ingredients and almost no work at all. Perfect when you don't want to spend all evening in the kitchen.

A light lemon loaf cake, anyone? Cake Snobs made this lemon and poppyseed loaf to enjoy with a cup of afternoon tea/glass of lemonade, temperature dependent.

We have a (very) last minute entry! Adam from Unfamiliar Ceiling has created a lemongrass martini! Who are we to argue about booze being a dessert or not? Let's not quibble, let's just drink.

We're not eligible for the prize, not even if we dress up in our most cunning disguises *throws fake moustache and glasses in the bin, disconsolately* That hasn't stopped us from joining in though. Laura's olive oil and orange chocolate cake (above) is wheat-free, dairy-free, and uses avocados in the frosting, making it approximately as healthy as twelve carrots. Or maybe you'd prefer strawberry and rosemary cheesecake, carrot and orange cake, or lemon, basil and almond cake. We went cake crazy, except for Caleigh who made gluten-free lemon muffins.

So now it's over to you: leave us a comment telling us who should win the plate of glory! 

Inspired to join in next time and want to win an excellent prize? Our next theme is apples and pears, and your deadline is Friday 20 September. Check out the Just Desserts guidelines, and make sure you link back to this post to spread the word. Tell us when you've posted your recipe so we can share it, and use the hashtag #JustDesserts on Twitter so we can tweet your post. The more pudding we share, the better for everyone. Can you get a Nobel prize in pudding?


  1. Has to be the citrus sunshine ice cream for pure simplicity and gorgeousness!

  2. Citrus sunshine ice-cream - yum!!

  3. Need to try the citrus sunshine ice-cream, looks yummy!

  4. Citrus sunshine ice cream...........sounds so refreshing!!

  5. Once the rain stops I am trying the citrus sunshine ice cream! Yum!

  6. yes definitely, the citrus sunshine ice creams wins :)


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