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Monday 22 July 2013

Make, Bake, EXTERMINATE: Lakeland's Doctor Who Range

Heavy smoker just out of shot

I love Lakeland - visiting their flagship store on my recent trip to The Windermere Suites was like being in cookery geek heaven. Their new Doctor Who range has only served to make me love them even more.

Admittedly, I'm not The World's Biggest Who Fan - but I know a number of people who are fighting for that particular title, and they'd like nothing better than a CAKE SHAPED LIKE A DALEK! Hell, I'd like nothing better than a CAKE SHAPED LIKE A DALEK! They're pretty cute, right? (NEWSFLASH: I've been informed they're not cute. Oh. Maybe the whole "Exterminate!" thing should have alerted me. Whatevs.)

Lakeland's Dalek cake mould is, therefore, £16.99-worth of eternal brownie points for me. Your baked Dalek will stand 30cm high, and Lakeland cheerily inform us that the mould can be used to make Dalek jelly, too! Don't try standing that upright, it can only end in disaster. 

If you'd prefer to bake an army of Daleks, these cake toppers and wraps will transform ordinary cupcakes into red, white, blue and gold beasties. You get enough supplies to make 24 cakes - 6 of each colour - for £9.99. All you have to do is match the icing to the Dalek - be sure to pick up some food colouring and edible gold lustre powder, too.  

If baking seems impossible right now, and you'd rather just be sipping a cold drink, this Doctor Who ice cube tray is, um, just what The Doctor ordered. Look! K-9 is there. Even I know that he is bona fide cutesome. I'm learning, see? Ahem. Anyway - it's £4.99.

Wowsers! This Dalek cake stand is brilliant. Also: very large. You could use it as a piece of incidental furniture. It's £7.99, and can be used again and again, providing you dismantle it carefully/don't use it in your quest for universal domination. 

Everyone I know is getting homemade Doctor Who chocolates for Christmas (Whaaat? Why do you look at me that way? I'm a journalist - Christmas is pretty much over by the end of July). The chocolate mould itself is shaped like a Tardis! And it's just £4.99.  

There are loads of other Whovian bits and bobs in the range, from cake decorations and biscuit cutters to garlands, straws and paper plates. Go forth and make, bake, EXTERMINATE!


  1. Oooh! I think that I might have to get some of these and have a party for the 50th anniversary. :-D I'm not sure I'll be able to make cupcakes with a little baby but maybe I can persuade others to bring them.

    1. Yay! And hurrah for a little baby. Forget about making cupcakes, put your feet up and either get your friends to bring them, or buy in plain shop-bought ones.

      Then you can relax and have fun decorating them - just a swoosh of coloured icing and the Lakeland bits and bobs. Hardly any work, and lots more time for baby-cuddles and scoffing your beautiful cakes!

  2. the website is not working :(


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