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Thursday 18 July 2013

Lingerie? Lingerainbow!

The main issue with red lingerie is that it can look a little cheap. A little Ann Summers. Stuck to simple shapes and subtle details and you should be fine. The lace on this red set is still delicate (and a bargain - that bra is just £8!), and Boux Avenue show two different size models wearing it so you can get a better idea of the fit. That's brilliant.

I love yellow underwear. So hard. I will happily flash bright yellow straps. And the corset knickers are in the Mimi Holliday 'Pizazz' set are super sexy. No, £46 is not an acceptable price for pants, but stalking Mimi Holliday every day until they have a sale on is a perfectly reasonable use of your time.

Pink lingerie is everywhere. I could have shown you any pale pink set, and they'd all be very lovely. But this Simone Raspberry set is just a little different. It's from Bordello so it's not cheap in all of it's fabulousness - the bra is £59.90. That's half price in the sale. Still, if they have your size and you've just been paid, there are worse things you could spend your money on.

Oooh hello snazzy green lingeries set that's just £35 for the whole set! Yep, suspenders and everything. Thanks, Topshop. Next time can you make a bra size over a D cup? That'd be ace.

Orange bras are a bitch to find. Seriously. They're all peach, coral or damn ugly. Or a clever mix of all three (seriously, how?) While this M&S set is a sort of weird orange, it's silk and it's in the sale. And it goes up to a DD. Go spend your £11, orange lovers.

Yep. More than a little bit crazy about the cutouts on this purple bra. It's from Figleaves and £19.50 in the sale. There are many sizes left (not that there were many to begin with), but they've also got a nice lilac number that goes up to a 36G.

Flamingos! I bet rainbows have flamingos at the end of them. The lingerainbow does, anyway. This blue 100% silk playsuit is from Beautiful Bottoms and £41. It's totally impractical and probably won't stay on very long but it's very fabulous. Sometimes that's really all I want from my underwear.


  1. The purple isn't Freya :), the latter only do D+ cups.

    1. You're right, it's not! it's Figleaves, I've mixed up my Fs. I thought it was strange that it was only in a few sizes!

      Pretty isn't it?

  2. Replies
    1. I actually am wearing yellow Mimi Holliday undies today. Purchased in the sale, obviously.

  3. I bought some lovely minty green lingerie from Debenhams (I can't remember which range...) fairly recently. It doesn't seem to be on the website anymore but I feel the need to share this great news! As a 32-34 E-F (depending on the brand and style - for some reason I can't get Freya bras that fit me well. Different bodies, right?), I seem to struggle to keep on top of having enough basic and t-shirt bras that fit well - and I need to replace mine every six months at least. So, finding a more exciting set that fits really well was brilliant.

    Maybe it'll be yellow next time the budget permits it...

    1. I am all for practical underwear (especially in this weather!) but sometimes it's nice to wear your best just because you feel like it, isn't it?


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